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If you are tired of playing boring board games, you must know that we have the best solution. You must understand that today the tables have turned, and you can find millions of digital games that would win your interest.

Furthermore, you must also know that modern gaming apps have started gaining more acceptance because you can have the same amount of fun and experience as board games on your smartphones.

Today we will tell you about one of the best online games that you can play on any of your devices and that too for free. 

Fun Online Games for Kids


Spot the difference game!

Most of you might have heard of these spots in the different games. As the name of the game tells us, you have to spot the differences. The game is not at all easy as it looks like, you need an extraordinarily strong mind and have to be an expert of GMS to find out all the differences. You must be wondering what kind of differences and where you have to find them. You have to find the differences between the two images.

 This is what the game is! Finding the difference between both of the images is only difficult because they have a mirrored appearance. You would be given similar images having similar content with five to ten minor differences that cannot be spotted at first glance.

Spot the Difference - 5 Differences Finding Game

This is one of the famous spot the difference games that you can get from the Google Play Store. This spot the different application belongs to the famous CA Apps, and this is why you do not have to worry about its reliability. Before we tell you about the features and specialties of this spot the difference game we would like you to know about the benefits of using this game!

Benefits of playing the spot the difference games!

Every game is not played just for fun, and some games are played to learn and train the brain. One of these games is the ‘spot the difference’ game and has many benefits. Some of the benefits and advantages of playing this game are listed below:

  1. Playing the spot, the difference game can help you improve your memory. This game trains your nervous system to be stronger and remember all the major and minor differences in an image. This helps a person in improving his/her memory span. You will be astonished to know that experts recommend that this game be played by kids who are about to start their Montessori.
  2. If you play the spot the difference game, you can easily help yourself enhance your problem-solving skills. Problem-solving is not a cup of tea, and there are only a few people who can provide tons of solutions for a single problem. A person can only solve a problem if he has a strong, active, and healthy mind. This game can help you a lot in developing your mind and making it strong for decision making.
  3. Playing the sport, different games can easily increase the IQ level of a person. It helps you get familiar with new images, vocabulary and even reasoning skills. All of this can help you learn while you are having fun.
  4. You wouldn’t get bored by playing this game as it keeps on updating. The level keeps on becoming tougher, so the game stays interesting.

Features of the Spot the difference game by CA

As we have told you earlier, there are tons of games available on the play store and offered by websites but what makes this game special is its features! Some of the amazing features of this tool are listed below for you:

        This game offers you more than three hundred different levels. Each level is more interesting and difficult than the other. In each level, you have to find five differences.

        You must know that this application has the most high-quality images that it serves in the levels!

        The hint feature of the game makes the play easier in the levels you cannot complete. There are many levels in the game that you cannot complete without getting hints from the app.

        If you get tired or get occupied with another work at some point in the game, then the app would automatically save your progress and start again from where you left when you resume the game!

        This spot the difference game can easily be used by all sorts of users and on all devices because it is compatible with them.

        The game becomes more interesting when you are given time to complete a certain level. Furthermore, you must know that your progress is ranked based on your performance at every level!

        You can compete with other online users who are playing this game.

        The game is free, and you don’t have to worry about any restrictions!


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